Best Cat Shelter in California

Their lives are filled with peril, hunger, and hurt. Love a Meow is a cat shelter home that is on a mission to rescue cats in California. The majority of the rescued cats in Love a Meow’s care have substantial medical conditions and require the immediate attention of professional caretakers. When these innocent felines arrive at our shelter, regardless matter how injured, sick, or needy they are, they realize they have a secure home with us- plenty of nutritious food, fresh water, a place to play and sleep, and lots of care.

Why We Need More People To Support Our Cat Rescue Shelter

We need more people to help our cat shelter in California due to the fact that there are hundreds of cats on the streets of this city that starve themselves to sleep on a regular basis, Furthermore, cats are frequently harmed by other wild street animals and do not receive medical treatment. We hope that via Love A Meow, more people will recognize that these felines, like any other living creature, deserve to be cared for and loved.

History shows that each year, there are just not enough families ready to take in kittens born in that year. To bring these numbers back into balance, we need your help providing for their medical requirements, food, shelter, and a suitable household where our helpless felines can feel at ease.

How You Can Become a Part of Our Journey

Adopt a Cat

Share your heart and your house with a feline. Adopt a cat and you will receive unconditional love and friendship for the rest of your life. At Love a Meow you can find various kinds of adoptable cats. Prepare a cat or kitten for life at home while freeing up shelter room for many more wonderful felines. From elderly to infants, we offer a variety of possibilities available at our cat shelter in California.


You may be a part of our humanitarian journey of rescuing the lives of underprivileged felines by giving to our humane cause. You may also become a monthly contributor at Love A Meow by putting up a specified amount to give each month. However, you can always give a one-time gift donation, which will be utilized to care for kittens in need.


Foster a homeless cat in need of temporary refuge by opening your home and heart. The time and expense are frequently as little as two weeks, but it will be a huge help to us, allowing us to welcome in more cats in need of shelters, cats that would have been euthanized if the rescues hadn’t been able to rescue them from an overcrowded death facility. Fostering is also a blessing for foster cats, as it allows them to experience a household instead of a cage, enabling their true personalities to show through and assisting them in finding their permanent home. In a nutshell, it’s a tiny time investment for a big payoff.