Help our cause to provide Rescue and Shelter to stray Cats

Do you adore kittens? And would you like to help the cats and kittens who are homeless and in need of better living conditions? If so, then you can donate to cats shelter by using our PayPal and give a home to a kitten. By playing your part, you will help to bring Love-a-Meow’s dream to fruition.

Donate to the Cat Rescue Shelters – Information and form

It is our mission to rescue the cats who are left out in parking lots and boxes on corners of the streets, providing them with proper shelters and adoption services to better their lives with love and compassion. To make all this possible we require you to donate for cats in need.

With your donations, we aim to aid the human cause of secure rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and unwanted cats. You can also donate cats to shelter with us to bring helpless cats and kittens to safety. To operate properly and provide a safe home for kittens we require your donations.

How can your donation help us?

As Love a Meow works as a non-profit organization, your donations are responsible for saving the lives of many cats and kittens. Our adoption services need cat lovers like you to give our feline friends a new and safe home. From providing shelter and nutritional cat food for cats and kittens.

We also rehabilitate them for adoption with a homely facility. So it is easier for them to live comfortably inside a home. Furthermore, cats and kittens at our shelters can socialize, consume nutritious food, and live in a clean and safe environment during the waiting period before the adoption.

The rehabilitation process is necessary for many reasons if a cat is not used to being in a closed environment or being surrounded by many people. This can also come in handy if for any reason you are thinking of rehoming your cat.

A feline’s diet can be tricky and it’s important to maintain it properly to keep the kittens healthy and happy. Donate for cats food and we will be able to provide an important necessity for making sure the cats and kittens are fed fully to their needs.

Kittens have small stomachs but need high energy need due to their fast growth. Hence they have to feed more than a few times a day with a special kind of food that provide proper nutrition for a growing Kitten.

Adult cat, which are from one to eight years old, requires to be fed once or twice a day. But may vary depending on what type of cat food you are feeding your cat, such as dry cat food.

Senior cats, which are about eight years old, require a nutritional change with special food which caters to keep them healthy. These special foods have less protein and more of a balance of minerals and vitamins there to keep them healthy and active.

How can your donations have helped us so far?

Thanks to your donations we have been able to help many kittens that have been rescued during the kitten season. You can also look out for and donate cats to shelter and we will be able to care for them by preparing a loving home for them.

Many kittens are rescued just after being born, some with their umbilical cord attached to them. Many other shelters do not provide care for newly born or still young kitten. Hence they are needed to be rescued before they are euthanized or die of other causes.

Donate to cats shelters and help us to vaccinate cats and kittens which is a vital necessity. There are many deadly yet avoidable diseases that cats and kittens can get. Especially kittens are needed to be vaccinated as young ones can easily attract more fatal diseases.

There are a lot of additional benefits of getting your cat vaccinated like protection against many problematic diseases, improving and maintaining your cat’s immune system strong, and protecting against easily spreadable diseases.