Love, Compassion, and Help
Let's Make It Easier for Cats to Live Healthy Lives

Cat Rescue

We offer medical and emotional treatment for abandoned, mistreated, injured, and stray cats. Saving cats from the horrors of a miserable life is what we do at Love a Meow. We believe cats deserve to live a healthy life that is filled with care and love under a safe haven.

Cat Adoption

We understand that adopting a cat is a huge decision; it will obviously require your time, effort, and money. We recommend everyone to think twice before making a decision. Contribute towards a humane cause by adopting one of our cats as a part of your loving family!

Put Your Cat up for Adoption

Our extensive services include assisting people in placing their cats for adoption. We do our best to see that your cat is in good hands. Love a Meow finds the perfect match that is compatible in terms of the condition and health of your kitten/ cat to ensure that they achieve the best well-being possible! Most of all, our doors are always open, and we accept felines under our wings with open arms.