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A cat shelter is a manned establishment where stray and abandoned cats—as well as cats confiscated by law enforcement in situations of animal cruelty—find protection and comfort, are taken care of and are made available for adoption. One of the best ways to make your town better for all of its residents is to provide an outdoor cat shelter for neighborhood cats! In addition to offering cats a secure place to sleep, shelters let community cat carers keep an eye on the health of their colonies and more easily forecast where cats will congregate via apps that allow users to locate rescue homes by pressing the “cat shelter near me” button.

The need to transform how cat shelters operate has become necessary because only around 30% of cats who join shelters nationwide have successful outcomes. This is cruel and terrible for the poor felines. Additionally, it’s upsetting for those who try tirelessly to assist them. Therefore, it is now more than ever so important to establish more cat shelters in California.

What Cat Shelters Should Do to Provide Ultimate Care to Abandoned Cats?

Form a Team of Dedicated Volunteers

The staff is in charge of the day-to-day activities of the rescue. Do not hire someone just because they offered or because you are anxious to fill the position. The candidate’s talents must be relevant to the position. Even while it may be tough to leave a critical job vacant, your business will benefit greatly from having the proper people in place in the long term.

Establish More Outdoor Shelters

It’s recommended to establish an outdoor winter cat shelter at your cat shelter to provide a heated space where abandoned felines can rest and save themselves from the cold. In winters stray cats are often found sitting inside the bonnets of vehicles sometimes found in places where they shouldn’t be just to save themselves from the cold. Therefore, all of these aspects are the reason every rescue home needs to establish an outdoor cat shelter for winter. It has been observed that just building an outdoor cat shelter for multiple cats can help you bring an enormous change and will contribute to saving the lives of these innocent cats.

How to Make an Outdoor Cat Shelter?

You need to think about where you want to place the cat shelter. If it is under some kind of cover, then you don’t need to worry too much about it being waterproof. Of course, if it is out in the open and unprotected from wind, water, and sun, you need to avoid shelters that are made from fabric and consider getting a wooden one instead.

Tips on How to Build a Cat Shelter Outside Your Home

Cats need an opening of about five-and-a-half or six inches in diameter or the width of their whiskers. A small door discourages larger, bolder animals, such as raccoons, from entering. A smaller outside cat shelter can be heated by only one or two cats. An awning that covers the opening, made from roll plastic or heavy plastic garbage bags, provides more insulation and makes the cats feel safer. Insulating materials inside the shelter will increase the comfort and warmth of the cats.


Driving along the street demonstrates the importance of shelters. Those terrified, famished homeless cats you see require attention. Uncontrolled breeding and irresponsible pet owners have resulted in a significant pet overpopulation problem, and strong measures are required to reduce the growing number of stray and homeless cats. Furthermore, we recommend individuals to use the cat shelter near me feature every time they encounter a cat that requires immediate attention.

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