Cat Rescue

Love A Meow is a team of dedicated caretakers. We aspire to rescue cats and provide them with a healthy and safe place to live!


Rescuing The Needy

As a prominent exotic cat shelter, we project and work towards eliminating any mistreatments on cats during captivity and put efforts to rehabilitate them in every possible manner required.


Saving, One Cat At A Time

Communities usually have hundreds of homeless cats. Their lives are filled with dangerous circumstances such as starvation, suffering, etc., hence why we strive each day with the mission to save as many cats as possible.

How Love a Meow Helps Cats

We believe in saving all living things and giving their lives the love and value that they deserve, regardless of their species. This is why our founders have established a state of the art cat adoption center equipped with the necessary tools to help you find the right cat for your home and lifestyle. Whether it’s a full grown cat or a kitten, we know that they’re all cute and cuddly. Some of them have even been abused and are now frightened by the sight of a human being. Love A Meow Cat Rescue tries to help these felines re-adjust to the human world so that they can see the loving and caring side of our race.

Cats are generally very loving and tender creatures who mind their own business. They’re called lazy by people who don’t understand what excites a cat, but in reality cats are known to be playful during their developmental years. They are especially playful during the age of 4-6 months, and are susceptible to learning and developing habits around the environment they are put into. Thanks to these misconceptions, cats are viewed as a completely different creature than they actually are.

Another way Love a Meow helps cats is by conducting health checks on all our abandoned, orphaned and feral cats to make sure that they receive the best healthcare out there. Many people don’t know the basics of taking care of a cat, and hence they fall sick when brought in as infants.

We Are A Non-Profit, No-Kill Rescue Organization Dedicated To The Welfare Of Every Cat That We Save!

How We’re Helping

Our goal is to create an animal shelter and pet adoption service to provide better lives to as many cats as possible who require love and proper care.

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Do you love felines? And would you like to contribute by helping these homeless cats get a better living condition? Well, if so, you can donate to our PayPal account to offer a furever home for one of our friendly meows! By doing this, you will become a crucial part in contributing towards making this dream a reality!

Thank You

Whether you help via monetary donations or by spreading the word about our mission, we thank you and value your contribution. We could and won’t be able to accomplish our goals without your help as our valuable supporters

Our Mission

Love a Meow’s mission is to aid cats that are abandoned in boxes or parking lots. We aim to humanely and securely rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, unwanted, and lost cats or kittens to a safe rehome where they are provided with the compassion that each one of them deserves.

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Our Cats & Kittens

While providing shelter and ensuring nutrition for abandoned cats, we also tame them at our facility so that they can settle comfortably in a homely environment. We provide haven, socialization, adequate nutrition, and a clean environment for each cat during the waiting adoption period.

Learn About Love A Meow Cat Rescue Adoption Center

Our state of the art cat adoption center is a place of care that is essential to what we do. By entering that atmosphere, you can immerse yourself in a room filled to the brim with cute kittens and loving, adult feline cats who will be roaming freely almost as if it was a utopia made by the feline gods.

We believe in keeping our kittens and cats care free, so they can interact not only with the environment we put them in, but also with the people and loving families that visit Love A Meow to find their next feline companion. This way you can find a cat that you really connect with and one that can feel loved by you.

We are also very thorough in finding the right home for our beloved felines, which is why Love A Meow Cat Rescue conducts extensive consultations, background checks, and home visits within the first week after you have submitted your application for cat adoption. Following your visit to our adoption center, the consultation will be a brief 20-minute interview to find out if you have any allergies or any habits or foods that could be potentially harmful to our curious cats who love to place themselves into anything they find interesting, including food, heating items, or pesticides. Once the consultation and other checks have been completed, you will be able to take your cat or kitten home.

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We realize that several people want to be a part of our cause, so please donate here if you are one of them and would like to support our movement. Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help felines in need. Together, we can make a difference.

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